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Bang on the Drums All Night

Brogrit is coming to town this weekend for a gig in a downtown pub. Our mom, Cowgrit, and I are all going to stay up way past 9:00 to go see him play. I won’t have a problem with the night-time hours, as I often don’t go to bed till 11 or midnight normally anyway, but I’m wondering if the ladies will be able to hang with me. Oh the curse of middle-age circadian rhythms.

Yeah, I remember the days when “shit don’t start happenin’ till eleven.” Get off work, eat, change clothes, watch TV, maybe nap, and then eventually, long after the sun went down, get in the car and head out to some club or other. Have a good time until two or three in the morning — that’s when this state enforces last call. Then head home, to bed, sleep for a couple-few hours, get up, start the new day.

I mentioned in another post how I once worked several months as a waiter in a saloon/club. Whether working or dancing, I’d be up well past midnight a few times a week. And if I wasn’t at a club, I’d be at a friend’s house with a group of gamers playing some D&D or Shadowrun or something. I could go a few days getting just three hours of sleep a night. I’d make up for the loss on the weekend by sleeping in till 2:00 in the afternoon one day. No problems.

But now, if I stay up past midnight, it screws me up for several days. I can hang with staying up till 11:00 nearly every night, but there is something about that hour where the date turns over that kills me.

So, anyway, we’ll see how well the ladies can handle the late night when brogrit is banging on his drums.

It’s been several years since I last saw my brother playing on stage. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing him again.


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4 Responses to Bang on the Drums All Night

  1. mom says:

    I can also remember the nights when we would be standing in line at an all night restaurant at 1:00 in the morning, get home about 3:00 am. Get up go to work the next day. Man are those days over! Hope your brother appreciates my sacrifice of my beauty sleep. I am looking forward to it also, and I don’t believe I have ever been with you and cowgrit to a bar. A first time. see you soon

  2. brogrit says:

    im looking forward to being there too. bull you were there the first time i played in front of people…do you remember that? a lot has changed since then…ill be home in a few hours…see you soon….

  3. EdMayor says:

    What is the band name?

  4. michelle says:

    Your mother has done a relatively late night gig before…she was living it up during her visit to ATL when I had the pleasure of going to the bar with her. She was a party animal that night! y’all are in for an awesome show and a very special one at that : ) *note earplugs*
    @Ed – the name of the band is Mad Margritt

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