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Another Post by Wifegrit

By Wifegrit

Never a dull moment…

I am a nurse, and about once a month I am on call for a 12-hour shift at the hospital. Usually I don’t get the phone call, so I don’t actually have to go in to work. But I was on call last week and I ended up having to go in.

That morning, my youngest woke up at 5 am because of  a bad dream. I let him crawl into bed with us, and he fell back asleep. Soon after, I received the dreaded phone call from hospital telling me I would need to come in. I quietly got up and got ready for work. I left at 6:20 and by then my little one was up again.

At 8:30 I received a text from my husband. My oldest is sick with a sore throat and cough. Really? The one day I have to work? What are the odds? He has not been sick in months.

My youngest was so upset. Was he concerned that is brother was sick? Oh no. He had to go to school and he thought his brother would get to play on his DS or the computer all day.

My husband dropped my youngest off at school, and he took my oldest to work with him. My son just read books quietly. After half a day, they come home.

The day went smoothly at home. I normally work every other weekend, so my husband is used to taking care of the boys. I don’t have to worry. My youngest had a good day at school. My oldest missed the next day as well, still because of a sore throat. Of course, I didn’t take him out for chocolate pancakes like his father did the day before. ( ;  [Bullgrit’s note: Hey, we had to eat something, and pancakes are soft and easy on a sore throat.]

Work was incredibly busy. But that’s another story.

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4 Responses to Another Post by Wifegrit

  1. brogrit says:

    hmmmm…can all the grits get in on this posting? im sure i could have some good ones…oh! and sis…pancakes are good for colds…why do you think i feel better…show saturday night, waffle house after…and then pancakes sunday morning….that makes colds better.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Oh I will have to show this to my husband!! He can take which ever girl to work with HIM when they have to stay home from school. I am sure they would be a hit at the office. Like your son I am sure they would just read or watch movies on the portable DVD player.

    • Bullgrit says:

      If your husband’s office and work is anything like mine, it will bore the kid to the point they may reconsider whether going to school sick would be better than hanging out with dad for some hours. I could never take my 7-year old to my office; even with books and toys, he’d go crazy in 20 minutes.

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