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A Simple Request

Woman: “Honey?”

Man: “What?”

Woman: “Can I ask you a question?”

Man: “What?”

Woman: “Would you do something for me?”

Man: “What?”

Woman: “Do you see that bowl on the table?”

Man: “Yes.”

Woman: “Can you reach it?”

Man: “Yes.”

Woman: “Would you bring it to me?”

Man: “OK.”

* * *

Man: “Bring that bowl to me from the table.”

Woman: “Is that an order?”

Man: “Will you bring me that bowl on the table?”

Woman: “How about a please?”

Man: “Will you please bring me that bowl?”

Woman: “What bowl?”

Man: “The one on the table.”

Woman: “This one?”

Man: “Yes. Please bring me that bowl.”

Woman: “I can get you a clean one from the cabinet.”

Man: “I just need that bowl. Will you please bring me that bowl?”

Woman: “You don’t want this one, it had milk in it.”

Man: “I need that bowl now. Can you just bring me that bowl?”

Woman: “OK, but let me wash it out first.”

Man: “It’s fine as it is. Just bring it to me!”

Woman: “Don’t raise your voice to me!”

Man: <sigh> “Please bring me that bowl.”

Woman: “OK. See, you could have just asked politely from the beginning.”


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4 Responses to A Simple Request

  1. brogrit says:

    yup….i know…..amen!

  2. Grant Niemeyer says:

    sounds so familar.

  3. Webbra says:

    Oh please. So now politenss is sexist?

  4. Rich Redman says:

    I don’t think it has anything to do with manners or sexism. It think it shows that men and women approach communications differently. The woman was aware of the relationship and how the communication style and tone could affect the relationship.The man either wasn’t, or cared more about getting that bowl at that moment than he did about massaging the relationship. As a former military guy, I had to unlearn a lot of communications techniques after I got out because I was all about getting my idea across tersely and swiftly, without regard to relationships. I came off as brusque, if not outright rude.

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