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A Shelf Full of D&D

This is the D&D shelf in my local game store. It’s not the edition I prefer, but I have to admit it does stand out better on the shelf than any of the other editions do.

Shelf Full of D&D


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3 Responses to A Shelf Full of D&D

  1. Grant Niemeyer says:

    Have you tried the pathfinder system? I have found it gets all of the quetions from 3.5 cleared up nicely and streamlines much of the gameplay aswell has a better magic-crafting.

    • Bullgrit says:

      I haven’t read or played Pathfinder, although I’ve heard many good things about it. I should get the PHB even if just to read it.

      • Grant Niemeyer says:

        make sure you get a hard copy cuase although the ditgital download is way cheaper sucks to read atleast for me it is.

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